LENS: Links between Identity, Intercultural Awareness and Language(s) – Transformative Practices

The link between language, identity and intercultural awareness can be used in the classroom to support transformative practices.

In this short video Margaret Allan and Khadija Mohammad from the University of the West of Scotland explain the importance of language and identity and acknowledging all the languages in the classroom:


  • (Cross)-cultural awareness

Language learning is most effective when it takes place in the context of the target culture. The teaching in the context of the culture of the target language does not only create a deeper understanding of that particular culture, but also enriches learning on a person level through the creation of an in-depth understanding of what constitutes culture.


  •  Language and Identity

Young people need to see the value and benefits of learning languages to engage. This means that the rationale for language learning needs to be meaningful and relevant to the learner.