LEAP: Reflective Questions – Professional Knowledge and Understanding

Curriculum and Planning

  • How can activities designed to acquire new knowledge be combined with language goals?
  • How can I build and monitor linguistic progression over time?
  • How can digital tools be used to support the development of languages, literacies and cultural awareness?
  • How can classroom activities be organised to encourage interactions between pupils of different levels of proficiency?
Educational Systems and Professional Responsibilities
  • What theories currently support my practice?
  • How can I use the different linguistic repertoires present in the wider community to create contexts for learning?
Pedagogical Theories and Practice
  • How do I identify and address some of the key issues concerning language learning and language using in my teaching, for example language level, literacies, translanguaging, lexis, grammar, and other verbal and non-verbal communication?
  • How can I use interdisciplinary approaches in the teaching and learning of languages?
  • How can plurilingualism and plurilteracy be used to meet current educational priorities?