Principles and Context


The goal of languages education is plurilingualism: the ability to use more than one language appropriately. Using language involves learning language. It also involves linking languages with literacies i.e. pluriliteracies. Languages include MFL, EAL, Gàidhlig, Gaelic, BSL, heritage languages, etc.


We live in a linguistically and culturally diverse society. Recognising, valuing and promoting this linguistic and cultural diversity underpins plurilingualism and pluriliteracies

Policy & Legislation

The learning and teaching of languages and literacies follows national policies and guidelines which integrate with wider European and global goals for plurilingualism and pluriliteracies

Transformative practices

Plurilingualism and pluriliteracies benefit all learners. This insight transforms classrooms in critical and creative ways. Transformative practices challenge individuals to consider how they see themselves and others, and how they might engage in and contribute to society.