LEAP: Reflective Questions – Professional Values and Personal Commitment

Social Justice
  • What do I understand by transformative pedagogies?
  • What are the implications of transformative pedagogies in an increasingly diverse and complex society?
  • What does a plurilingual and plurilterate classroom look like?
  • What effect might my own attitudes towards linguistic and cultural diversity have on pupils?
  • How does a transformative pedagogic agenda allow me to question my own practices?
Trust and Respect
  • How do I ensure that all pupils’ linguistic and cultural resources are treated equally and with respect?
  • How can the linguistic and cultural diversity of pupils in my school be used as positive contributions to plurilingualism?
  • What active role can the wider community play in promoting linguistic and cultural diversity?
Personal Commitment
  • What practical steps can I take to develop my own linguistic skills?
  • What opportunities and resources can I use to extend my linguistic and cultural awareness?