LENS: Gaelic (Medium) Education

Gaelic Medium Education (GME) is an educational model which offers a total immersion experience for the initial stages of the primary curriculum, normally covering P1 to P3, followed by an immersion phase up to and including the senior phase.

Immersion Education is a form of bilingual education in which the majority of curricular learning and teaching activities are conducted in the target language (often a heritage or indigenous language). Pupils also study the majority language, but the extent to which the majority language is incorporated is different according to each context.

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  •  Pedagogies and Strategies

Teachers use a range of pedagogies and strategies to promote pupil learning and achievement in GME. Key approaches include CLIL, collaborative learning, task-based approaches and taking a strategic approach to student accuracy in Gaelic.


  • Gaelic in Scotland

The Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act of 2005 aims to secure the status of the Gaelic language as a national language of Scotland commanding equal respect to the English language. GME has been identified by Education Scotland as ‘the best way of achieving a sustainable future for the Gaelic language’.