LENS: 1 + 2 Implications for Teachers

Teachers face opportunities as well as challenging in achieving successful language learning outcomes for pupils.

  • Teacher Attitudes

Teachers play an important role in ensuring young people develop a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards language, language learning and other cultures


  • (Initial) teacher education and professional learning

Teachers need to have a sufficient level of proficiency in the target language to provide meaningful explanations, rich language input and respond spontaneously and knowledgeably to leaners’ questions about language and culture to take learners beyond the beginner level of study.


  • Policy & practice

Language and literacy are important elements of the Curriculum for Excellence. The Scottish Government has also made a manifesto commitment to introducing a language learning model based on the European Union 1 + 2 model. – this means creating the conditions in which every child will learn two languages in addition to their own mother tongue.