Professional Knowledge and Understanding

Curriculum – building an awareness & understanding of the curriculum and planning for transformative practices

  • Understand how languages are learned in different contexts
  • Understand the role of languages and literacies for learning
  • Foster positive attitudes towards all languages and cultures
  • Plan for teaching and learning which supports change and development within the curriculum
  • Know how language and language learning can be integrated within and across the curriculum
  • Know how to include a variety of resources, including digital and online tools, to promote language and language related skills and understanding

Education systems and professional responsibilities – understanding the education system and professional responsibilities within the wider learning community

  • Develop teaching practices which support intercultural awareness across the curriculum
  • Understand and apply underlying theories to guide transformative practices and promote plurilingualism and pluriliteracies
  • Draw on linguistic resources which further learning within the wider community

Pedagogical theories and practice – developing and extending a knowledge base of educational principles and theories to develop transformative practices

  • Consider the social, cultural and linguistic backgrounds of pupils in planning for transformative classroom practices
  • Engage (critically) with educational research to further guide, develop and sustain transformative teaching practices
  • Link transformative practices to current educational priorities
  • Understand how language learning and using supports individual needs (cognitive, emotional, social and physical)